The Mini Greenhouse

The Mini Greenhouse is an interactive growing kit complete with mini greenhouse, colourful pot, peat pellet and seed. The plastic pot can be pad printed and the paper insert/booklet can be branded in any way required and lends itself to images of growth.


Greenhouse 16.5cm x 10.5cm x 4.6cm

Pot  4.2cm x 4.2cm diameter

Insert 9.8cm x 7.8cm

Branding Options

Insert – full colour both sides, print size 9.8cm x 7.8cm

Pad Printing Pot Rim 2.8cm x 0.8cm, 1 or 2 colours

Pad Printing Pot Below rim 1.8cm diameter, 1 or 2 colours

Pot Colours; Red, Black, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Green. Custom colour available for 2,000 units plus.

Seed Varieties

Native Seeds – Cabbage Tree, Kaka Beak, Kowhai, Manuka and Reinga Lily.

Vegetable Seeds – Chilli, Capsicum, Tomato, Lettuce, Carrot, Bean and Beetroot.

Flower Seeds – Sunflower, Pansy, Sweet Pea and Wild Flower Mix.

Herb Seeds – Parsley, Basil, Coriander and Rocket.

Minimum Order Quantity


Lead Time

1-2 weeks

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