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Promotional Umbrellas are great way to promote your company.

They’re available in a wide variety of colors and make a great backdrop for almost any logo.

The key to a successful and effective promotional product is value, usefulness, longevity and visibility. Promotional umbrellas fit this mantra perfectly.

Value – Umbrellas Have a High Perceived Value.
A good umbrella is an invaluable item when it rains or you need protection from the sun.People will happily purchase a quality umbrella when the time is right, but imagine they reach for your gifted umbrella instead.

Usefulness – Promotional Umbrellas are Useful.
To just about everyone. Think about how often we get rain – or how strong the sun is in the summer – your umbrella will be used often.

Longevity -Umbrellas Have a Long Use life.
Our umbrellas are manufactured to last for years. Your umbrella will be seen by hundreds of people in all sorts of places – because umbrellas travel with their people.

Visibility – Umbrellas Are Very Visible
They can be colourful and big, offering a large area for printing your logo or marketing message. Promotional umbrellas can be printed on as many panels as your require.