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Promotional Pens

Promotional pens are a great marketing tool for almost any business looking to market itself.

However we often find that many business owners will overlook the pen in favour of more complex marketing strategies.
The reasons given for this are usually pens have been around for ever, I want something different or everyone has pens galore or even who needs pens when we have electronic diaries?
The facts show these arguments are misguided, logoed pens are just as effective as a marketing tool as they ever were, when getting your message to your target audience.

What are the advantages of adding promotional pens to your marketing mix?

Most advertising materials and mediums only serve one purpose, they send your message to your perceived audience.
Promotional Pens go one step further as they also serve as a writing aid.
For the recipient this has the effect that every time they use the pen they are reminded of you.
A proven fact about human nature is that the huge majority of us feel we can trust someone who does something for us or gives us something.
A pen with logo satisfies both of these traits.
People are more likely to buy from someone they trust, meaning a promotional pen will pave the way to sales from your potential clients and re-inforce brand loyalty amongst your existing clients.